How to create a WordPress Dynamic Corporate site in 2022.


The author of this article operates multiple websites and blogs on WordPress, and this site is also operated on WordPress. I have been with WordPress for more than 9 years, and in 2018 I even held a workshop to lecture on how to create a WordPress site. Based on these experiences and achievements, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner so that even beginners can create a corporate site (corporate site) with WordPress. This article will explain from domain acquisition to WordPress installation, initial settings, page structure concepts, how to create a top page, and how to create an inquiry form. By following the procedure, even beginning without further ado, let’s get straight to the can launch a corporate website, so please take a look to the end.

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The flow of creating a corporate site with WordPress

corpreate site

Estimated cost and time required to create a corporate site with WordPress
Corporate sites take time if the page content is not fixed.

Apply for hosting
Choosing a rate type and plan
The steps to launching your Corporate site with WordPress Easy Setup
Step (1): Make WordPress Easy Setup
Step (2): Enter customer information
Step (3): Perform SMS / phone authentication
Step (4): Enter your credit card information and pay
Step (5): Complete the WordPress installation


Configure SSL settings for WordPress [Super Important]
Configure the initial setup of your WordPress site

  • Install the theme
  • Permalink settings
  • Google Analytics settings
  • Sitemap Registration
  • Create the necessary pages for your corporate site
  • Planning page structures
  • Create a page

Enhance the appearance and appearance of a corporate site Frequently Asked Questions and Answers When Creating a Corporate site with WordPress Can permissions be set for each user? Can I create a landing page? I want to set up a banner, but is there a way to make my own? Can I deliver an email newsletter with WordPress? Is it possible to add a shopping cart function or payment function?


The flow of creating a corporate site with WordPress [Big picture] First, I will explain the overall picture of the flow of creating a corporate site with WordPress, which will be explained in this article,

Step (1): Contract a rental server
Step (2): Set up a WordPress site with an easy setup
Step (3): Set the initial settings of your WordPress site
Step (4): Create the necessary pages for your corporate site.

As mentioned above, there are four steps. However, the method described in this article does not require the following work, so I think that even beginners can proceed without difficulty Linking a domain with a rental server WordPress installation (upload system files > configure database) For those who are new to WordPress, just by looking at this procedure, you may be worried that you can really create your own corporate site The cost of creating a corporate site is basically only a rental server usage fee, so it only costs about 1,000 yen per month It will take some time to create the site, but you can do it in about 1 hour to step (3), so let’s make it with your own hands. Contact a rental server hosting In order to create a corporate site with WordPress, you first need to sign a rental server contract A rental server is absolutely necessary for storing and displaying WordPress systems and text and image data For details, please refer to “What is a rental server? How to choose the best server for WordPress By the way, there are various rental servers, but if you are a beginner and want to launch a WordPress site from now on, “hostinger” is recommended

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4 reasons why you should love Hostinger

Corporate site

Specific estimates of time and costs will be explained in detail in the following items.

1. Top-class display speed in India
2. The usage fee is low even though the display speed is one of the tops in India Initial cost: 0 monthly fee: 493 rs (tax included) ~ Domain fee: Free for many years
3. There is a WordPress easy setup function
4. Operated by a major company (GMO)

As mentioned above. Hostinger is a rental server with one of the best display speeds in India and is higher performance than other companies servers. There is no initial cost, the monthly fee is low, and you can use two unique domains for free forever. What’s more, it has a WordPress easy setup feature, so even beginners can easily set up a WordPress site.

For this reason, we recommend that anyone who is going to create a corporate site with WordPress use Hostinger to create a site

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8 examples of WordPress corporate sites! Introducing recommended themes and how to find them

For those who are wondering, “Where is the company that makes corporate sites with WordPress?”, I will introduce some examples of WordPress corporate sites. Released on May 31, 2021, a thin rental server based on the X server system! The monthly fee for the standard plan starts from 1,540 yen (tax included), so you can manage your Corporate site at a great cost performance and at an explosive speed!

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What is a corporate site? Explanation of purpose, role, and necessary content

The purpose of the operation is various, but in recent years many companies operate corporate sites. A corporate site can have a big impact on your business if you use it well.
Here, we will explain the purpose and meaning of setting up a corporate site for companies, Contents of this article, and the content required for a corporate site

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Contents of this article.

The meaning and purpose of establishing a corporate website Corporate site targets and roles Content required for the corporate site Company Profile Introduction of services and products Recruitment information The representative message, the introduction of employees Transaction results, customer feedback Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Inquiry form IR information Advantages of corporate website prove that the company exists Leads to the improvement of corporate image Expand business opportunities lead to recruitment Smooth customer support Easier to explain services Relationship between corporate site and service site The corporate site and service site can be the same Advantages of separating the corporate site and the service site Relationship between corporate site and recruitment site

What is a corporate site?

Corporate is a word that means “of a corporation (organization)”. The corporate site here is an abbreviation for the website, so if you translate it simply, the corporate site will be “the company’s website.” However, not all websites operated by companies are called corporate websites. Some companies operate web services such as EC sites, web media, and cloud services, or develop dedicated websites that post information about their brands and products. Different from such “sites for companies to provide web services”, “corporate sites” refer to “sites for companies to disseminate their business content, vision, initiatives, etc. to the outside”. The meaning and purpose of establishing a corporate website

In the past, paper-based “company brochures (leaflets)” were the mainstream tools for companies to communicate their information to the outside world. Even now, there are many cases where paper media is used as a publicity tool for corporate sales and shareholders. However, paper company brochures can only be picked up by people to whom the actual product has been handed over or mailed. In addition, because it is a printed matter, even if there are additions or changes to the content, it will not be updated immediately, and the information may become slightly outdated.
On the other hand, if you provide information through the web, you can expect that not only will you be able to see the company information just by providing the URL, but people who are interested in your company will voluntarily find it by searching and confirming it.
Unlike printed materials, it is easy to update text information immediately on the web, so it is possible to always provide the latest information outside the company.

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With the spread of the Internet and an increase in the number of companies conducting marketing and sales activities through the Internet, corporate sites have come to have great significance as new external information tools.

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